The Bold Moves Institutional Firms Are Making to Sustain Profitability




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Firms today face profitability challenges driven by lower revenues and returns and rising operational costs and regulatory pressures. Yet, there are winning formulas for growth. CastleOak Securities’ Co-Founder, President and CEO, David Jones and Co-Founder, Chief Financial Officer and Director of Operations, Philip Ippolito, will share what firms like CastleOak have been doing to sustain their momentum – and what your firm can do today to become more efficient and profitable.

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Institutional firms are faced with profitability challenges driven by declining revenue and lower returns, as well as increased costs from regulatory and compliance requirements. Read how universally beneficial ventures, like paper suppression, can help decrease costs and bolster compliance safeguards.

Solutions Overview

A Timeline of Institutional Success

As institutional firms navigate changes, this timeline details Pershing’s achievements in the institutional space.

Achieving Business Growth

Gain insight into how fully disclosed clearing solutions enable successful firms to transform their business, reduce expenses and expand their offerings.

Reduce Paper and Enhance Efficiency

Reduce Paper and Enhance Efficiency

Free up more time for growth efforts with our paper suppression solutions.

Support Central Matching via CTM

An overview of the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation’s CTM® platform, which provides state-of-the-art institutional trade processing.

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