Is M&A In Your DNA - What Are Your Growth Goals?




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2020 was another record year for M&A with no signs of a slowdown. How can firms position themselves to capitalize on this momentum?  This session explores how both buyers and sellers can leverage the latest M&A trends to set themselves up for growth.

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M&A momentum in the RIA industry is at an all-time high, with no signs of slowdown. Learn how your firm can position itself to capitalize on this momentum by leveraging the latest M&A trends.

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Competing in the M&A Race. How First-Time Acquirers Can Gain an Edge

This paper lays out a recommended path that RIA firms can follow to compete and succeed in making their first acquisition—as well as their fifth.

Empower Your Way Forward Program Overview

Designed to help leaders think about what’s changed in 2020 when it comes to their clients, business capabilities and team, as well as how firms operate.

Find the Right Buyer to Ensure Your Advisory Firm’s Future Success

How do you build value, achieve liquidity and connect the ongoing business to a buyer or investor that will serve your clients with the same sense of purpose and values?

Why the Sale of Your Firm Should Be Viewed as a Catalyst for Growth

Examine the various motivations of buyers and sellers to forge ahead and find the right partner that will spur their next level of growth.

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